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Welcome friend, I'm Lynda Joy - grateful follower of Jesus, honoured wife to my darling, proud mother of 5, home-educator, massage therapist, & enthusiastic creative. I'm delighted that you are here, sharing this God-given treasure-hunt called life with me... So many gifts waiting to be discovered. So, here's to life, joy and health!

17 July 2012

3 gifts of Stone in the Earthquake

3 Gifts IN STONE...

It came from nowhere...suddenly my world was shaking.
I've had them before...know these tremors well...but this one was unexpected.

An earthquake in my heart.

The element of surprise adds to the shock...I thought I had done things so that this quake wouldn't hit me again...prepared myself. This one was deeper.

My attempts at repairing the damage from previous quakes fell in piles of rubble. I see it strewn all around me. Useless fumbling attempts at making it right...it's not.

Automatically I try to defend myself against the force that I perceive is threatening to engulf me... each time these tremors have come I've done it... defended myself... protected myself by pushing away. This time it was different.

I still feel it's force...raw...deep...strong
There is no defense to protect me this time.

Stunned, I survey the wreckage. Too dazed to comprehend it fully, yet trying to grasp the magnitude. So much waste...so many broken pieces.

I do the only thing I know... I call out to HIM, the cornerstone of my heart...

...the only thing left standing true


"1000 Gifts"...

#192  Jesus, the cornerstone of my heart
#193  Mortar & Pestle - a gift from my darling - making foccaccia bread tonight

#194  A friend's first rose-bud
#195  Motivation and energy to clean the bathroom of all the mould - Yuk!
 #196  A winsome statue reminding me to pray for gorgeous daughter

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