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Welcome friend, I'm Lynda Joy - grateful follower of Jesus, honoured wife to my darling, proud mother of 5, home-educator, massage therapist, & enthusiastic creative. I'm delighted that you are here, sharing this God-given treasure-hunt called life with me... So many gifts waiting to be discovered. So, here's to life, joy and health!

12 July 2012

Pouring it on.


Water  filling...those empty jars being filled... clean life-giving water for the thirsty

Son is watching as I fill each jar... ever thinking, he's done it since small.
He watches as I adjust lighting and get camera ready... take photos of water jars in a row.

"Those jars are like us, Mum. 'Full' is like someone who spends a lot of time with God and His Word, ...' half-full', even 'quarter-filled'...doesn't matter how much water is in them there is always someone that our water can bless.
It's really all about grace - His grace. It just overflows from our jar and spills over into their's,... even if their's is fuller than our's."

"May I use your wise words?"
"Sure, Mum." Smile quietly peeking ... "There's no copyright yet."

I enjoy a laugh with my thoughtful son.

I ponder his words of wisdom...his jar emptied into me "...even a quarter-filled jar can overflow grace and blessing for someone."

"Might I have a small amount of water for someone, Lord?"

Phone call ... a heart heavy with the burdens of life. They share some of their story, and I feel for them.

I have no magic answers. No "Thus, saith the Lord..." No, this is how to make it right". I wish I did, so I could ease it for them.

Instead, I find myself asking them if they can see the gift in their situation. Find the blessing that God is gift-wrapping for them in their mess. Revel in His great love for them. Give Him grateful thanks.

This is the water He has been graciously pouring into my jar... received that I might give.


"1000 Gifts"...

#147 Washing drying in strong breeze
#148 Phone calls that keep in touch
#149 laughing with my darling
#150 hearing his day
#151 the opportunity to pour it on
#152 fresh apple
#153 the soft taste of filtered water
#154 excitement to read yesterday's psalms again now that I have more context...makes so much more sense!

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