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29 June 2012


 A year ago, today, we were given the diagnosis of Osgood Schlatter Disease for the pain and bumps in youngest son's knees.
"There is nothing that we can do for you. Manage the pain best you can. He may or may not grow out of it in a year or so."
Cold comfort for a 14yr old boy who loves basketball as much as his two older brothers. And when his uncle still suffers from it in his 50's it wasn't looking hopeful.
Basketball had to be curbed. Running must be curbed. Climbing stairs, even getting out of a chair, causes him pain.
Dad has always taught the kids to make the most of every situation...to laugh whenever possible, especially at yourself. Here was youngest son's test.
Youngest son has not given up his beloved sport. Instead, he has developed a whole new set of skills to increase his court time. When he's not on the court he encourages his team from the benches. He makes a joke of his 'gumby knees' and everyone laughs along with him while making room for him. Every day he comes home from basketball and immediately attends to his poor knees with ice packs and elevation.
This morning, with a big smile, he announced, "My 'twins' are having their birthday today, Mum. I'm such a proud parent." I am impressed with his positiveness in spite of the constant pain. He should be proud...proud of his ability to laugh at himself. Proud of his ability to find ways to still be a part of his team. Proud of his attitude. Proud of a test passed with flying colours.

So, to celebrate their birthday I baked his favourite chocolate cake.
He's a winner!

"1000 gifts"...

#78  Phone call to let me know she's OK
#79  Order in the bathroom
#80  Finding an 'enjoy' sign to enjoy
#80  A quiet day finding order
#81  Referred clients
#82  Boys laughing together
#83  Kindness cleaning the freezer for me
#84  Strong arms giving me a hug on his return home
#85  Swapping recipes on twitter
#86  Due to my forgetting to turn the slow cooker on, dinner is already prepared for tomorrow night

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  1. What an awesome team member he is! Really such a good quality person to have on your team!

    Also, I like number 86. This is totally me. Haha!