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Welcome friend, I'm Lynda Joy - grateful follower of Jesus, honoured wife to my darling, proud mother of 5, home-educator, massage therapist, & enthusiastic creative. I'm delighted that you are here, sharing this God-given treasure-hunt called life with me... So many gifts waiting to be discovered. So, here's to life, joy and health!

10 June 2012

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Laughter! Oh, how I love laughter!

I don't remember much laughter ...not until I married my darling. He's taught our five the art of enjoying themselves. They don't have to have the right props or setting...they're just into it! And the more people present the merrier the party.
One of the most precious gifts my darling has given us all is the ability to laugh at ourselves...to make ourselves the butt of the joke instead of others. He did this with practical demonstration over and over. He's a wonderful teacher!
Of course, he had wonderful teachers, too. There is nothing so hard on stomach muscles as witnessing my darling and his parents start laughing over something. It's usually something little and seemingly insignificant, but that's all it takes to trigger them off. All of them will have tears rolling down their faces, smiles so wide, laughter ringing loud... it's just like Mary Poppins having tea with Uncle Albert on the ceiling.
 Such a glorious gift.

I'm sure God is glorified in laughter. There is definitely a time for tears and seriousness, but weeping only lasts for a night and then joy comes in the morning. Laughter keeps my spirits positive. laughter reminds me that the world is good, that there is love and warmth. Apparently laughter releases all the right chemicals in one's brain...oh, how my brain must have improved since meeting my darling.


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