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Welcome friend, I'm Lynda Joy - grateful follower of Jesus, honoured wife to my darling, proud mother of 5, home-educator, massage therapist, & enthusiastic creative. I'm delighted that you are here, sharing this God-given treasure-hunt called life with me... So many gifts waiting to be discovered. So, here's to life, joy and health!

19 June 2012



'servant' is not really on my list :( It's not that I don't do things for others, but rather the attitude I see when I look into my heart.

It's on my darling's list. I've watched his example for many close-up married years...felt threatened and in awe all at the same time. Keep putting it back in the 'not today' box.
But today's '3 Gifts You Became Today In Serving' makes me bring it out and begin to unpack this unusual gift.
What is serving? What do I become? And there's the problem!...
I see fear in my heart of becoming a doormat... of loosing significance... It's the 'What about me?!' Syndrome.
But Jesus calls me to be a servant to everyone...to be the lowest... the last. It's that whole 'upside-down' Kingdom thing.
It's in loosing myself that He is found
It's in becoming insignificant that He is seen
It's either Him or me.

It's in my humbleness that He is made bigger
It's in showing His love to others that He is exalted.
It's in time absorbing His love that I have the capacity to love.
It's in being grateful for the opportunity to serve that I find joy

Now to begin putting it into practice...

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